Capture time and expenses in the office and on the go with our legal time entry software.

As any lawyer knows, time is money. In the legal profession, billable hours are the bread and butter of most firms. As such, it is no surprise that clients are increasingly demanding clarity on the time being charged. Gone are the days when a few vague lines of narrative were enough to satisfy a client's curiosity.

Simple Time Entry


Simple entry forms, which allow lawyers to rapidly enter their time worked on a given matter, while providing them with an up to date view of all time entered.

Time Calendar

Work On The Go


Lawyers are always on the move. Between meeting with clients, appearing in court and attending business lunches, there is seldom time to sit down at a desk and capture billable hours.

That's where our mobile applications come in. Whether you're using an iPhone or Android, our apps allow you to track time anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Time Entry

Simple Expense Entry

Expense Entry

Lawyers can simply enter their expenses as they occur, to be automatically included on a client invoice. This ensures that no expenses are missed, and that clients are only billed for the services they have received.

Expense Entry


Capture Key Time and Expense Details

Capture time entry date, client, matter or opportunity, phase/task, activity, narrative, hours and rate.

Simple Search

Use free text search to quickly identify the appropriate client and matter.

Spell Check Narrative

Use the spell check facility provided by your browser or device to ensure narrative is accurate.

Quick Time Recording

Launch time entry directly from a client or matter to have details populated automatically.