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Manage your law firm

Matters.Cloud enables legal professionals to track time and expenses, manage clients and matters, raise invoices, develop opportunities and keep up to date with tasks all within a single cloud based platform.

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Keep Up To Date

Matters.Cloud automatically syncs relevant details with Sage including clients (contacts), invoices and payments.

Matters.Cloud + Sage

What Matters.Cloud Does

Clients & Matters

Brings together key information related to clients, contacts and matters. Helping to break down matters into key phases and tasks with integrated estimation capabilities.

Time & Expenses

Provides time and expense recording practices that meet the needs of law firms. Including managing client, matter or activity based rates, plus a range of billing arrangements.


Simplifies processes like raising detailed matter invoices, capturing payments and managing client funds.


Provides visibility on your key opportunities, whilst allowing you to convert them to a matter at any time without rekeying data.

App Marketplace

Integrates with other commonly used tools including Dropbox or Google Drive for document collaboration, Mailchimp for email marketing and more.

What Sage Accounting Does

Powerful. Easy. Online.

Take control of your business finances

Sage Accounting offers everything for managing accounting, payroll, payments, and your people.

  • Take care of tax and compliance. See a live running total of your tax liabilities, plan ahead and submit online. Accounting keeps you on top of latest legislation.
  • Forecast your cashflow. See how much money is coming in and out of your business each month, on an insightful dashboard.
  • Send and track invoices. Get paid on time and protect your cash flow with personalised invoices that you can track
  • Snap and capture receipts. Pull in data and documents including receipts automatically with live bank feeds and AutoEntry
  • Pay your people. Run your next payroll securely, accurately and compliantly
  • Share access with your accountant. Collaborate securely in real-time. Let your team spot and fix mistakes. Works on any device.

Connect Matters.Cloud to Sage in 3 Steps

Step 1 - Signup to Matters.Cloud

Signup with Matters.Cloud at

Step 2 - Connect to Sage

Navigate to Setup > App Marketplace, click Connect on the Sage tile.

Sage Connect
Sign in with Sage

Sign in with Sage, and authorise Matters.Cloud to access your Sage data.

Check out related articles on our knowledge base for further information.


Sync Clients

Clients created in Matters.Cloud will automatically be created as contacts within Sage.

Initial Data Load

Export your existing clients from Matters.Cloud to Sage.

Sync Invoices

Invoices or credit notes created within Matters.Cloud will automatically be created within Sage.

Sync Receipts

Receipts created within Sage will be imported into Matters.Cloud on a scheduled basis.